Frequently Asked Questions

  • * What is the system requirements?
    You will need MacOS X 10.6 or higher.

  • * Will WebVideoHunter work on Intel/PPC Mac?
    Yes, it will.

  • * Will WebVideoHunter download and convert YouTube videos in HD?
    Yes, it will.

  • * Where will WebVideoHunter download YouTube videos?
    YouTube videos will be downloaded and converted to ~/Movies/. You can choose any other folder to download YouTube videos (use Preferences to do this).

  • * Do I need to install any additional software to see downloaded YouTube videos?
    No, downloaded videos will be automatically converted to format viewable on your Mac.

  • * How to activate WebVideoHunter?
    Run WebVideoHunter and try to download any YouTube video. The registration window will appear. Insert your license code and press Ok. Please note, one license code can be activated only on one computer. If you want to install it on another computer, you will need to buy another license code. Please write to us and we will provide you with the discount.

  • * Will WebVideoHunter's updates be free for the existing customers?
    Of course all updates will be free for existing customers.

  • * What is current version of WebVideoHunter?
    The current version is 5.7.3 (released on January 31, 2017).